About Gillian

My first experience with Yoga was in the midst of my sales career in Toronto.   My life was hectic and I needed something to help me unwind at the end of each day.

Shortly after I began practicing regularly, I discovered the therapeutic impact that yoga had on my life.  Improving my scoliosis, relieving my chronic migraine headaches and helping me to manage stress and anxiety.    Yoga quickly  became a source of healing in my life – both physically and mentally.   I knew that I wanted to share this practice with others.

Yoga Training 

I received my first Yoga Teacher Training Certification (200 HR Yoga Alliance) in Ashtanga, Hatha and Hot Yoga from Yoga Plus Toronto in early 2011.   I was fascinated by the Ashtanga Yoga Method so I decided that I wanted to dive in deeper.  Later that year, I had a daily Mysore practice at the Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Toronto (AYCT), under the supervision of David Robson and completed his specialized Ashtanga training program (100 HR). Following this, I had the unique opportunity to apprentice at Ashtanga Yoga Vancouver under the guidance of Fiona Stang – one of a select group of individuals to receive a level two teaching authorization from the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute (KPJAYI) in Mysore, India.  I also studied under Tanya Salas and Jane McLeod at Ashtanga Yoga Vancouver and practiced under Geoff Mackenzie at Babylon Yoga in Kitsilano. Over the years, I have attended workshops with senior teachers such as Kino MacGregor and John Scott.  I’ve also studied with Seane Corn, Janet Stone and Shiva Rea.  From 2014-2015 I studied  Dharma Yoga – the lineage of Sri Dharma Mittra – under Vancouver Yoga teacher, Reno Muenz.  In 2016 I completed my second Ashtanga immersion program with David Robson at the Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Toronto.   I am a Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 200) with the Yoga Alliance.   All of my teachers have had a profound impact on my yoga journey.     I am eternally grateful for all of those who have guided me.   I currently live in Whistler, BC where I continue to practice with experienced teachers.

Teaching Experience

I’ve taught at yoga studios in Toronto, Vancouver and Whistler.     I offer Power, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin and Restorative classes that are inspired by my dedication to the practice. The Vinyasa system focuses on linking the breath with movement through a series of foundational postures. These sequences help students to develop strength, flexibility, awareness and connection. I’ve also had the opportunity to work extensively with athletes such as skiiers, snowboarders, runners, cyclists, golfers and basketball players.  Through consistent practice, I have helped  many of my students recover from various injuries, as well as improve their overall athletic performance.   My goal is to offer a nurturing space for healing and growth.  I truly believe that yoga can help anyone who wants to live a happier and more peaceful life.


3 thoughts on “About Gillian

  1. Anne Marie TTe

    Just read your testimonial. You are an amazing instructor. Wonderful feedback from your students. My hat goes off to you.


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